How to Clean an Above Ground Pool

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pool-cleaning7Every person who owns a pool wants to see a continuous flow of sparkling blue water in it. Whether you’ve just been assigned pool cleaning duties or you’re the owner of a swimming pool, the fact remains that you ensure it is clean.

If you’re familiar with above-ground pools you’ll agree with me that they tend to be prone to algae colonization. Unlike in-ground pools, above-ground pools tend to get quite dirty because they don’t always have enough filters. It is crucial, therefore, to ensure your pool is clean. This will help in preventing the liner from being damaged. Moreover, you don’t want to swim in that slimy, green water full of algae. Here is a guide on how to ensure your pool is clean:

  • Assemble all your pool cleaning supplies

You’ll have to take inventory on the supplies needed for cleaning and make sure everything is available. The most important supplies include a leaf rake or a leaf skimmer, a telescopic pole, a pool brush for scrubbing the floor and walls, and finally a vacuum hose and head.

  • Remove the surface debris

The first step should be removing toys, bugs, insects, leaves, and any other debris on the surface of your pool. A skimmer or a leaf rake can help you in doing this. Remember it is essential for you to be brushing the pool walls and floor at least once a week. You should always pay attention to pool areas with poor water circulation.

  • Set up the pump to circulate the water

The role played by the pump in an above-ground pool makes it the most important aspect since it’s responsible for filtering bacteria and minimizing the growth or formation of algae. After you’ve removed the surface debris turn on the pump and ensure the water in the pool is passing through the filter. In fact, it is important for you to be running the pool filter for about 8 to 12 hours daily to allow for proper water circulation.

  • Thoroughly vacuum the pool

Ensure the vacuum head is attached to the swivel end of the hose and to the extension pole before lowering the assembly into your pool. Once you’ve lowered the assembly, extend the extension pole to allow the vacuum head to reach the pool bottom.

Lean the pole against the pool side and lock the pole in position. It is important that you purchase the correct cleaner or vacuum head for your pool. There are areas that the vacuum head or cleaner is likely to miss and you’ll need to manually clean them using a brush.

Consider brushing down the pool sides a night before you vacuum. This will help in loosening the debris.  You should also vacuum the pool during morning hours before anyone uses it. For easier cleaning, the debris should be made to concentrate at the center of the pool bottom. If you want to achieve this, make sure you adjust the water returns to allow the water to continually flow and move in a circular pattern.