Pool Maintenance Tips

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pool-maintenance-tips3Before diving into the crystal-clear blue waters in your swimming pool, understand that it takes a proper maintenance schedule that might seem to be a burden rather than a blessing. Yes, maintaining your pool might be a drag, but there is no need of having a swimming pool it it’s full of algae and sludge. You have to clean and maintain your pool in order to keep the water safe for everyone using it.

There are different types of pools all with different maintenance needs. The keys to maintaining your pool are ensuring a balanced water chemistry and having clean water. Every pool owner should establish a weekly cleaning and maintenance routine.

  • Maintain chlorine levels of between 1 and 4 ppm

Maintaining proper chlorine levels in the pool prevents algae growth and bacteria invasion. It also ensures proper sanitation of your pool water. You can either use liquid chlorine, basic chlorinating tabs, chlorinating granules, or chlorinating tabs. These are the available options that can help you maintain the cleanliness of your pool.

  • Ensure your pool water is balanced

This means ensuring the water in the pool has the right calcium hardness levels, total alkalinity, and PH. You should maintain the correct levels to prevent your accessories and metal equipment from corrosion. It also keeps the plaster surfaces from etching and prevents the formation of scales which can result in stained surfaces, damaged pool equipment, and cloudy water. Am sure you also don’t want to experience any skin and eye irritations.

  • Add Algaecides to kill and prevent algae growth

Algae can invade your pool by wind, rain, or fill water. If you don’t check it, you pool water will turn into a green color and will be unusable. Algae tends to clog the filters and reduce the circulation of water in the pool. Furthermore, it reduces the effectiveness of chemicals. You should apply algaecides to prevent algae growth and formation. While some algaecides will specifically prevent and remove green algae, other will quickly destroy all types of algae and subsequently prevent them from coming back into your pool.

  • Shock your pool on a weekly basis

This should be done without fail since it helps in getting rid of any contaminants. These contaminants often cause eye irritation, chlorine odor, and cloudy water. Be sure to shock the pool to keep these problems away and also reduce the need for other cleaning chemicals. There are basic shock products and multifunctional shock products. Multifunctional shock products will help in restoring the clarity of water by killing bacteria and destroying swimmer wastes. They also enhance filtration, balance PH, and add algae protection.

  • Have a daily and weekly pool cleaning cycle

Daily cleaning activities include skimming any debris out of the swimming pool and cleaning the skimmer baskets especially during the swimming season. Weekly pool cleaning activities, on the other hand, include testing the pool water and cleaning the pool walls and floors using brushes, cleaners, and vacuums. When cleaning the floor and walls, start from the shallow end as you proceed towards the deep end.